Want to create more brand awareness, loyalty, and sales? Mobile marketing can accomplish this.


Social Media gives you, as a business owner, the platform to reach people directily and feel a part of.


Is your Website sitting there like a Billboard in the Desert?Make your Business findable.


Taking care of your unhappy customers? If not, they could be telling the whole world about it online!

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The short amount of time you will invest will be the best investment you have ever made into your business! The plan we will outline for you will completely transform your business this year by helping your clients sell their properties extremely fast, building a loyal following of clients and leveraging your community for an exponential amount of clients. However, over the next few months you will start losing clients to your competitors and your clients will start seeing decreased results if you do not implement xxxxxxxx into your strategy.Register for the upcoming webinar and we will invite you for the closest date available


Website Design


Due to the digital internet age of today, businesses must have a strong online representation in order to capture the attention of potential customers. When you think about what is involved when it co
Mobile apps design


Having an app will convince potential and long-standing customers that your business is ahead of the digital curve. Not only is this great for branding purposes, but it

Mobile Marketing, benefits of Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing can benefit your company with cost-effective advertising, increased ROI, instant accessibility, and higher ad responses. It is the perfect way to put

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Free Online Training!

  • Webinar

    The Agenda for the Training Session: Just some of the things we will be covering :• Mobile Landing Pages w/ Video “Virtual Tours”, SMS Lists and Customer Conversions - How to convert these potential buyers to actually opt-in to your lists via your new and improved “For Sale Signs,”

  • Webinar

    Learn about Social Media Marketing and different platforms you should be using for business during live session and have your A. You need to focus on those that can make a difference to your bottom line. Start by looking at which social network your audience mostly hangout at. For example, lots of celebrity followers hangout on Twitter, and more serious business followers hangout on Google.

  • Lead Generating Website

    The Lead Generation Website for Buyers - we will install it for free - all you have to do is to get a domain name and hosting - contact us and we will tell you where to get hosting and get domain name for Free! You Can see the website at www.MontrealRealEstateDeals.com


  • If you're looking for a place that can provide you with Montreal small business marketing services, I would definitely advise you to give Marketing4Local Business a chance.
  • Marketing4Local Business set up my website for me and helped get it ranked on the front page and in the number one position on Google under several keywords.
  • I have no idea how to make a website and definitely have no idea how to successfully use the Internet to market. This turned out to be not as large a liability as I first thought it was, thanks to M4LB
  •  They personalize their service to me and my needs, let me know exactly what was necessary for my business to succeed in such a competitive market and gave me the tools to compete successfully. To say that I wasn't extraordinarily tech-savy, is a huge understatement.
  • Greatly recommended, very high quality product and reliable service.
    Joseph F. Langdon
  • Being a freelance contractor is sometimes difficult. As I'm in direct competition with several larger firms in the Montreal area, I have to put my best foot forward. I've succeed in in doing this, thanks tin no small part to the assistance of Marketing4Local Business.
    Matt Edwards